Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blasts From the Past: Rediscovering Old Favorites

I've been on what seems like a month long cleaning spree, and now it is time to tackle my makeup drawers. I have cleansed and gotten rid of quite a few products, which feels amazing. I was recently thinking about ideas for a new blog post, and I thought about an old Shop My Stash post I did on my old blog. The idea is to go through your collection, find old favorites, and give them a try again. I thought it was about time to reach into my makeup drawers and rediscover some old favorites. 

The first item I reached for when I decided to do this post is Covergirl's Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in the shade Ivory. I was legit OBSESSED with this foundation for ages! I have extremely oily skin, and this is probably the best drugstore foundation I have ever used. It helped minimize the amount of oil on my face throughout the day, and did not budge. I actually wore it one day when I went on an impromptu trip to the beach, and it was still in tact hours later, even though I went in the water and was sweating my but off. I will definitely be reaching for this a lot this summer. 
NYX Powder Blush in the shade Rose Garden. I was in love with this gorgeous warm-toned pink with golden shimmer. I saw quite a few people talking about it a few years back, and ran to the store to get it. I loved how flattering and natural a flush it gave my fair skin. I was hesitant to try this originally because of the glitter, I am always afraid of my face looking like a children's craft project, but it really is gorgeous in person if you apply it properly and don't overdo it.
I was all about the highlight a few years ago. I mean, REALLY into highlighting. I would buy all of the new ones that hit the market, and quite a few people at that time were raving about the Hard Candy So Baked Illuminating Baked Bronzer in the shade Tiki. It was advertised as a bronzer, but it was really a champagne highlight. Baked products feel so luxurious and expensive, so I loved that Hard Candy brought that to the drugstore. Tiki gives a gorgeous glow that makes you look like a shimmering glowy goddess when you have a tan. I put this on this morning when I did my makeup, and I cannot stop staring at it.
There is an eyeshadow combination that I swore by a few years back, and I decided that this would be the perfect time to bring it back. I start off with the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in the shade Bad To The Bronze as a base, and layer the L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadow in the shade Iced Latte to add a nice shimmer and glow. I received so many compliments back in the day when I would wear this combo, so I think I might make this my summer go-to look. Excuse how gross both of these look in the photo. They are very well loved.

I am so glad that I did this. It can be easy to forget how many products I actually own since I typically throw products into drawers whenever I move onto something new. Also, why spend money on brand new products when I have perfectly good products already in my collection? It just doesn't make sense to me. I can't wait to play with these little beauties over the next couple of weeks, and hopefully rediscover my love for them. 

Until next time! Xo

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