Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Curvy Girl Thoughts: Fashion

It has taken me YEARS to finally come to grips with the fact that I am fat. Yes, I am aware that using that term is kind of controversial, but it doesn't bother me. I have come to love my body, and my love for fashion has grown since I accepted myself. Now, I love fashion and clothing, but due to my plus size status there are some things that get on my nerves. Below is a list of my biggest pet peeves as a plus size woman when it comes to clothes. Feel free to share your own in a comment below! 
  1. Chub rub...enough said.
  2. Holes in pants, jeans, and leggings due to said chub rub.
  3. Tacky sequin and animal print covered moo moos that department store pass off as 'trendy plus size fashion'. Nobody wants to wear that!
  4. The dreaded button up shirt gap when your boobs are so big that it makes any button up shirt gap.
  5.  When your butt isn't big enough and there is a butt gap in your jeans.
  6. SPANX smooth everything out. Oh, and they cut off my circulation and slide down all night.
  7. Fashion rules in magazines. Wear whatever the hell you want!
  8. Weird proportions in plus size clothing. When will companies learn that not all plus size women are built the same???
  9. There are very few places where you can actually try plus size clothes on in person. I shed a big girl tear when they opened a Torrid near me a few months back. I had all of the feels.
  10.  Having to take out a second mortgage and sell organs in order to afford plus size clothing. That ish is expensive! 

Until next time! Xo

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