Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MunchPak: March 2017

I am a massive foodie, and snack subscription services are slowly becoming some of my favorites to receive. I already subscribe to Love With Food, but I wanted to try something a bit different this month. I did some research late one night and came across MunchPak. 

MunchPak is a food subscription service that sends a variety of snacks from around the world. I was so excited when I saw that they include snacks from other countries in their boxes. I have major wanderlust on a daily basis, and I love to try products and foods from different countries. The global aisle at the grocery store is my absolute favorite! I decided to go with the original MunchPak that includes 10+ snacks. I really wanted a wide variety of snacks to choose from...and I was hungry when I ordered so the mini version was out of the question. Keep reading to see what was included in my box! The easiest way to do this will probably be to list it and include a quick blurb about each. I will also be including the country that each snack comes from for any of you that find that stuff interesting like me. 
The first thing I noticed when I opened my box is that they include a little card that lets you know who packed your box. This is such a cool touch. I love when companies give their employees credit for their hard work. Thank you for packing my box, Roxanne! Now, let's jump right in!

Guinness Toasted Cheddar Potato Chips (United Kingdom)
I had no clue that Guinness made potato chips. I am always game for anything cheddar flavored.

Crown Dduk Kko Ji Snack (Korea)
I had so much trouble reading this packaging, haha! According to the website, these crunchy rice snacks that are flavored with chili sauce and garlic syrup, and are based on Korean street food.

Kolson Twitch Sticks (Pakistan)
I absolutely LOVE spicy food! These crunchy sticks are flavored with chili spice, and are supposed to be wicked spicy. I'm so excited to try them!

Parle Kreams Gold Elaichi Cookies (India)
These look just like vanilla Oreos. Who doesn't like cookies? My sister likes these a lot, so I might pass these on the her.

Costa Cereal Bar Golden Cereal (Chile)
This is just like the cereal bars I would eat before school when I was little. It is basically a bar of cereal that has a swirl of yogurt flavored cream. This will be good to keep in my bag in case I get hungry at work.

Koska Badem Krokan Almond Snack (Turkey)
Okay, I totally had to look this one up on the website. The description didn't help much, but I think it's some kind of almond brittle. I like almonds regardless, so this will definitely get eaten at my house.

Yoyo Hazelnut Wafers (Jordan)
Lord I love me some hazelnut. Wafer cookies are so freaking good.

Hi-Chew Lime Sours (China)
Yum! I have had these before, but never the sour lime version. They are pretty much a better version of a Starburst.

Necco Sky Bar (USA)
This is another product that I have had before. My dad loves these! It is a chocolate bar that is filled with caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge.

Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar (USA)
Um, how have I never seen this before???? Oreos are my jam. This is going to be eaten immediately!

Final Thoughts
I am over the moon with my box. This is such a cool concept, and I like the wide variety of products included. The 'who packed your box' card was a nice personal touch, and I think I definitely got my money's worth. It's so cool to try products from all around the world. I have never heard of/seen most of these products before, and I am so excited to give them a try. Thank god the Munchpak website has a shop where you can buy more!

Until next time! Xo

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