Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Home: Room Sprays

I'm a scents person. I like for things to smell nice and fresh, and work hard to ensure that where I live is just that. Room sprays are my favorite way to keep things smelling good. I have quite a collection of sprays that I use, and thought I would share my favorites with you today.

My absolute favorite spray I have ever purchased is the Primark Home White Tea Room Spray. Tea is one of my top favorite scents, and this makes my room smell like a delicious cup of sweet tea. It also has some floral notes that balance everything out, and leave my bedroom smelling so freaking good. The spray is pretty cheap too, and I am still using the bottle that I bought last year since I only need about 3 sprays to really make my room smell nice. The spray comes in a glass bottle with a wooden lid, and it feels way more expensive than it actually is, which my high maintenance self appreciates. 

A recently favorite of mine is the Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist* in Mandarin. This is a brand new product from Febreze that doesn't have any aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes. I absolutely love the Mandarin scent. It smells like a tropical paradise, and allows me to pretend that I am actually on a tropical island. I spritz this on the couch and my comforter whenever I want to give it a bit of a pick me up. I may or may not have also sprayed this on a pair of funky smelling boots I own and it totally worked to make them not smell like death.

My final room spray is actually an aromatherapy spray that is meant to be used on the face or body, but I'm a rule breaker. It's the Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply. I tend to be an anxious person, and I have found that aromatherapy sprays and oils really do help me to calm down and relax at night. There was a time about two months ago where I couldn't sleep at all. I started spraying my pillow with this spray, and I would fall asleep almost instantly. The calming peppermint and eucalyptus scent helps my brain settle down, and allows me to sleep through the night. I am actually surprised that I like this as much as I do, because I typically don't like eucalyptus. 

Let me know in a comment below if you have a favorite spray for your house. I'm always on the lookout for new scents to try. Until next time! Xo

*Product provided for review purposes by BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

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