Saturday, April 29, 2017

MiamMiam Box: April 2017

Bonjour! Okay, I'll stop pretending like I know French now. I attempted to dust off some of my French skills today because I'm going to be reviewing a French food box! Yes, you heard me right, a subscription box filled with yummy treas from France! I've been trying different food subscription services for awhile now, and international boxes are my favorite. I found out about MiamMiam after reading an article on Buzzfeed that they were featured in. I decided to give them a try for a month to see what they are all about. Fun fact; MiamMiam translates in English to 'yum yum'. How cute!

MiamMiam comes in three sizes: mini, orignial, and maxi. They also have an organic box and a candy box. I opted for the original box this time around. Each box is said to include the latest and tastiest treats from France that legit French people eat. I'm sold. They also have a shop on their website where you can buy products that are included in the boxes.

My MiamMiam arrived in an adorable yellow, blue, and white geometric designed box with the company's logo in red.  They included a recipe card in the box for Easter cookies, which is a fun touch. They also include a little booklet that let's you know more information about what you received in the box. This will come in handy for me since I didn't apply myself in school, and my French is extremely rusty. I will write a quick blurb about each item I received in the box below. Enjoy!

Haribo Soft Dragibus: I was on board with this box the second I saw that they included Haribo. These are an exclusive with MiamMiam. They look kind of like button shaped jelly beans. I like jelly beans, so I'm sure I will like these. Side note, did anyone else think of a dragon when they read dragibus? Just me?

TUC: These look like big crackers to me. I had to look at the card for this one since I can't tell if they are savory or sweet. The booklet says that they are, " crunchy and melting at the same time".

Pépitos Pépites: How stinking cute are these mini chocolate chip sponge cakes? The package comes with 5 mini cakes, which is a lot compared to other food subscription services. These would make a cute little dessert after dinner.

Chabrior Palets Brentons: I absolutely love butter cookies. They go really well with chai tea as an afternoon snack. These cookies look really yummy, and will be perfect for dunking!

Bahlsen Pick Up!: Who doesn't love chocolate? A Pick Up! is milk chocolate between two cookies. I think I'll save this when I'm looking for a sweet treat.

Brownie Blanc: Unfortunately, this isn't in the photo above. My sister and I already couldn't help ourselves and tried this before I could get a photo. It was freaking delicious. It wasn't too sweet, and both of us could not stop talking about how good it was.

Well, that's everything! I have to admit, this is a pretty cool subscription box. I haven't been able to travel the world just yet, but boxes like this let me feel like I have. All of the items look wicked yummy, and I like how they only include full sized products. Not a tiny sample in the whole box. This is such a cool concept.

Until next time! Xo

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