Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First Impression: L'Oreal Paris LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray

I've been a loyal user of Tresemme's Tres Two hairspray for years now, but I felt it was time for me to try something new. On one of my almost daily trips to Target I was checking out hairsprays and stumbled on the L'Oreal Paris LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray. I've used loads of products from L'Oreal Paris before, so I had a feeling I would like. Plus, I'm a sucker for this brand in general.
The product comes in a fairly plain black and blue can with a nozzle designed to create a fine mist. I tend to gravitate towards hairsprays that deliver the product in a fine mist since they are easier to work with and prevent too much of the product from being sprayed at one time.

This stuff smells AMAZING! It has a light vanilla scent that makes my hair smell yummy, and it actually compliments my perfume (which I was worried about). I've read a few reviews that said it was sickly, but I really like it and I'm a huge scent snob.

The hold is what impressed me the most. It locks everything in place. I guess it really did earn it's name. The mist is ultra fine, isn't sticky, and dries quickly. I have used this at 7 in the morning while getting ready for work. and it held my curls in place well into that night. I was extremely impressed. Now, the best part of this hairspray is the fact that it doesn't leave my curls feeling crunchy. Any hairspray wearer will tell you that crunchy hair can feel uncomfortable and look unnatural. I'm not into that at all. This definitely gave hold, but I could still run my hands through my hair.

The weather control aspect also intrigued me. It's the middle of winter where I live right now so I haven't been able to test that just yet, but I have worn this out the middle of a rainstorm and snowstorm, and it held up like a champ. My curls stayed in place, and you couldn't even tell that I had been out in the elements.

The best part of this hairspray is the price. I picked up my bottle for only $4.99! That is a complete bargain in my book. I think I may have found a new favorite hairspray.

Until next time! Xo

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