Sunday, April 16, 2017

MunchPak: April 2017

Hey guys! Happy Easter! I'm back with another late night, I'm hungry but too lazy to get up and get anything purchase. I've got myself another MunchPak. Yes, I am fully aware that my logic of ordering food online that won't arrive for weeks when I am hungry currently makes no sense. This time around I decided to try a MunchPak mini. The mini includes 5+ full sized snacks. I also paid an extra dollar to specify that I wanted something sour in my box. I have been craving sour things all month, and I couldn't help myself when I saw that I could customize an aspect of my box for just a buck. 

Like always, they include a cute little card to let you know who packed your box. Thanks, Nick! I will list everything in my box below and give a quick little blurb for each. Keep reading to see what is inside!
Dorval Cotton Candy Sour Power Straws (Netherlands)
This is the sour item I paid extra for, and I am so pumped. I love cotton candy anything, and sour straws are one of my favorite things to sneak into movie theaters. Shh, don't tell anyone.

Vitaminka Stobi Flips (Macedonia)
The website describes these as sweet peanut butter Cheetos. Okay, am I weird to find that appetizing?

Ppushu Ppushu Honey Butter Flavor (South Korea)
I can't be the only person that eats uncooked ramen out of the package. I guess this snack is uncooked ramen that you put honey butter flavoring on. This sounds pretty interesting to me, and I've never tried anything like this before.

Olza Prince of Polo Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer (Poland)
This is a hazelnut flavored wafer that is covered in milk chocolate. My dad loves these, so I'll pass this along to him.

Crown Saekom Dalkom Grape Hi-Chews (South Korea)
I freaking love Hi-Chews! I have never had the grape flavor before, but I imagine I will like it. Excuse me while I go eat the entire thing now...

The last thing in my box is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate flavored cream filling from Israel. I cannot find this on their website at all for more information. It looks good though, haha!

Another great box. I actually think I might like my mini more than the full size I got the last time. All of the snacks are either unique or something I already know that I will like. I will definitely be getting another box next month.

Until next time! Xo

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