Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Battle of the Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have absolutely taken over the skincare scene in the US. You can't go to Ulta or Sephora these days without seeing complete aisles dedicated to them. These moisturizing beauties for their start is Korea, and have thankfully made their way to North America. 

Let's be honest, sheet masks make you look like a crazed serial killer which I find hilarious...Does that make me weird? They may make you look crazy, but they are packed with a ton of moisture and other awesome ingredients that make your skin go from dry and dull to having a glow like JLO. No joke! 

I recently purchased 3 different sheet masks from Sally Beauty, Ulta, and Sephora to test out in an epic battle of skin moisturization. I'll be judging the packaging, my experience wearing it, and the overall results. I decided that it would only be fair to use 1 mask at a time and to wait a week in between using the next to really see which one gave me the best results. 

All three that I purchased promise to brighten skin, and I sure hope that they can because my skin is looking dull honey. The three that I will be reviewing are the When Travelmate, Sephora Pearl Fiber Mask, and Dermactin-TS Brightening Facial Sheet Mask

Mask #1: When Travelmate
I love the material that the mask is made of. It has an almost gel consistency that really helped the mask stay on my face instead of slipping off like other masks have in the past. The consistency also gave the mask a cooling feel that was almost magical after a long day of running errands and doing stuff for work. The mask is meant to help soothe damaged or tired skin.
Okay, this is most definitely not the sheet mask to try out around a guy that you are trying to impress. I came out of the bathroom wearing this, and my father jumped back and told me I looked like a burn victim. I know, what every girl wants to hear. The mask itself has a slight citrus scent that is pretty refreshing. There was just enough product on the mask for it to be moisturizing without dripping down my face.
My skin did feel soothed the following day. I have redness in my skin naturally (thank you Irish ancestors), and this mask helped to calm it down a bit. This didn't add any brightness to my skin, but the relaxing time I had when wearing it would make me purchase this again. 

Mask #2: Sephora Pearl Fiber Mask
Sephora knows what they are doing when it comes to packaging. They revamped the packaging of their Sephora Collection products awhile back, and I love the simplicity and how colorful it all is. I've used masks from this line before, but never the pearl one.
The mask comes in a small satchel, and come completely saturated. I did have to squeeze out some of the product due to the fact that it is dripping off of my face. I was a bit of a mess for a few minutes. The pearl mask claims to brighten and even out skin tone. I will admit that my skin did look brighter the entire week after I used this mask. I had a subtle glow that made me not even want to wear makeup so that I could show it off. I will definitely be purchasing this mask again in the future. It will be perfect to use in the summer when I go without makeup frequently.
I have no idea what I was looking at in this photo. Get it together, Meaghan!

Mask #3: Dermactin-TS Brightening Facial Sheet Mask
Okay, I'll be the first one to admit that I am a bit of a package snob. I like products with pretty or interesting packaging, and this mask certainly doesn't have either of those. However, the mask inside is freaking awesome.
I love how the mask comes completely saturated in product, and comes in two pieces. This helps to really helped me to fit the mask to my face. The mask itself has a light floral scent, and the product it is saturated in didn't bother my sensitive skin at all (a bonus). I noticed results the next day, which was impressive. My skin looked tighter, plumper, and more refreshed. I didn't notice much on the brightening front though. Overall, this is a good mask for a quick refresher when you need a quick pick-me-up.
Excuse the vaguely dead look in my eyes. I promise I was enjoying this mask.

The Winner
I have to choose the Sephora Pearl Fiber Mask as the winner. The packaging is simple but colorful, the mask was nicely saturated, and the product itself followed through with its claims. My skin was more vibrant and bright after only one use. Honestly though, I would purchase each of these masks again, but for different occasions. Basically, the real winner here was my skin.

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