Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review: Covergirl Plumpify Mascara (Waterproof)

My name is Meaghan, and I used to be a mascara snob. For the longest time I would only wear ultra expensive mascaras, because I was convinced that they worked better than drugstore mascaras. Oh man how I was wrong. I started wearing drugstore mascaras about 3 years ago, and I have discovered so many amazing options. I've been using Covergirl's The Super Sizer Mascara for a little over a year now, and I thought it was time to switch it up. I have seen so many people online talking about Covergirl's Plumpify Mascara, so I decided to pick it up the last time I was at Target.
Let's get down to the nitty gritty. The Plumpify Mascara is a part of the LashBlast line. It promises to volumize lashes by up to 50x. Volumizing mascaras tend to attract me more than lengthening formulas. 
The wand for this mascara looks so freaking cool. It has a rounded spiral design that is meant to grab each lash at the root, and spikes (is that what they are called?) at the end that can be used to individually target and separate lashes. The wand did take some getting used to since it is quite large, but I don't mind it now. My favorite feature is the spikes on the end. They really help me to reach those inner corner lashes, and separate each of my lashes to give the appearance of more length. 

I'm going to start discussing the formulation now, but please keep in mind that I have the waterproof version due to the fact that I can't wear normal mascara because of my oily ass eyelids. Okay, I really like this formula. I find that it is a bit wet, but it dries pretty quickly. I put this to the ultimate test recently and wore it for almost 15 hours, and it didn't smudge or flake at all. I was so impressed, and it even held a curl really well. I will say that I didn't see a drastic amount of volume added to my lashes, but I did notice some at the root. I did notice some length as well, which was nice. Also, it didn't leave my lashes feeling crunchy, which I appreciated. Overall, this is a nice everyday mascara that I can use when I want something reliable. 

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