Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Netflix Favorites

I did not jump on the Netflix bandwagon until last year, and I was seriously missing out. I have discovered so many new and old favorites over the past year that I cannot stop raving about. I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorites that you NEED to binge. So, get your sweatpants on, pop some popcorn, get a glass of wine, and get ready to kiss your weekend goodbye.
Jane the Virgin
How have I not been watching this show already?! This series is about a girl named Jane that is *accidentally* artificially inseminated. It is this description that turned me off of the show originally, but now I’m totally kicking myself for judging it. The telenovela style that the show is shot in makes it easily one of the funniest shows I have seen recently, and the cast of actors is seriously amazing. Team Michael 4 life!

I originally started watching this when it first came out, but due to being in college I fell behind. Over Christmas break this year I dedicated time to sit down and catch up. I’m so glad that I did. I completely forgot how stunning the costumes and scenery are on this show. I would give anything to wear one of the gowns featured on the show. I won’t spoil the plot for anyone that isn’t caught up, but I will say that the 3rd season was intense.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Anyone that knows me knows that I have a weird sense of humor. The weirder the better in my opinion. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about a woman that escapes an underground doomsday cult and starts her life again in New York City. I mean, I was sold at doomsday cult. I cannot tell you how many times this show had me in complete tears. Lillian and Titus are my favorite characters on the show. Peeno Noir, anyone?

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
I had ALL of the feelings when I heard that Netfix was creating a season of The Gilmore Girls. I loved this show when I was younger, and I was crushed when it ended. Now that I have seen the updated season I am left loving certain parts of the show, and wanting way more. I want Rory and Jess to be together so damn badly. I loved the Melissa McCarthy cameo,  Kirk and his weird self gave me life, and I’m loving independent Emily. My thoughts about this series are all of the place. All I know is that I want more.

Land Girls
I’m a huge history nerd, and I was thrilled when Netflix recommended this series to me. It takes place in England during the second World War, and focuses on a group of girls that are a part of the Women’s Land Army. If you don’t know about the Women’s Land Army I suggest that you research it NOW. It is such an interesting part of women’s history that rarely is discussed in history classes. I love the plot of the show and the badass women featured. The vintage fashion is a huge bonus as well.

Until next time. Xo

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